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Here you’ll find information on a number of Duke groups. But there are far too many to list here. For a complete list, please visit: http://dukegroups.com

Asian Student Association (ASA)



Duke’s ASA seeks to support and serve as a lobbying voice for the political, cultural and social interests of students of Asian Pacific Heritage. ASA also seeks to transcend social borders and to foster relations with other groups on campus through community interaction. ASA seeks to raise awareness and provide an open space to learn about historical and contemporary issues facing people of Asian Pacific heritage.

Black Graduate & Professional Students Association (BGPSA)


The Black Graduate & Professional Student Association (BGPSA) plans a wide array of events each year. These events include academic forums, luncheons, socials and a recognition ceremony. BGPSA’s mission is to enhance the Duke experience for members through community service, academically based programming, socials and leadership development.

Black Men’s Union (BMU)


The Black Men’s Union is a group that is dedicated to ensuring that black men are an integral part of the Duke University community. BMU wants to make sure that black men remain involved in a wide variety of activities and organizations across campus. BMU seeks to foster camaraderie and to develop intellectually-engaged professionals.

Black Student Alliance (BSA)


The mission of BSA is to support and advocate on behalf of black students at Duke and therefore to enhance Duke academically, culturally and socially. BSA is geared toward programming information relevant to the black experience. BSA aims to enrich student life at Duke, to ensure full administrative commitment to fair and equitable policies and to strengthen and support the bonds between black Duke students and the larger Duke and Durham communities.

Duke Africa


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DukeAFRICA is the African Student Association on campus. We provide a medium for students to come together to celebrate African culture and to spread awareness about Africa’s history to the larger Duke population. DukeAfrica incorporates the element of dance with Nakisai, a dance group that performs a variety of styles from the continent and beyond.

Duke African Graduate & Professional Student Association (DAGPSA)


The Duke African Graduate and Professional Students Association serves to provide a community for African graduate and professional students, visiting scholars and researchers at Duke. We seek to integrate with other like-minded organizations to foster sustainable cultural and social awareness, educational exchange and professional networks. DAGPSA organizes orientation events at the beginning of each semester to inform incoming African students about resources available to them. We also set up mentorship initiatives and collaborative events with undergraduate, and like-minded cultural organizations at Duke such as DukeAfrica, DukeEngage, Duke Africa Initiative, Ihouse, African Conversation Club and others. In addition, DAGPSA holds formal and informal events at least once a month including educational discussions, social gatherings and professional networking...

Duke Chinese Student Association (DCSA)


Our purpose is to provide services and cultural events to Duke undergraduates and to guide new students, particularly Chinese internationals, in their first-year transition. Also to present Chinese culture both on Duke campus and in the Durham community.

Duke University Chinese Students & Scholar Association (DCSSA)

WeChat Official Account ID: DCSSA2019

Duke Chinese Students and Scholars Association is one of the largest student groups on campus. We have been serving the Chinese student and scholar community for over 30 years. DCSSA organizes diverse social, cultural and academic programs to support and enrich the life of graduate and professional students here on campus. A lot of attention is given to first year graduate/professional students with airport pick-ups and new student orientation. Cultural exchange is promoted through celebrating various festivals.

Duke DIYA: South Asian Student Association


Diya is the Hindi/Urdu word meaning “light”, and every year Duke Diya seeks to shed light on the culture, traditions and values of the South Asian community. Duke Diya represents the six major nations of South Asia including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. As a university organization, Diya strives to promote awareness and appreciation of South Asian culture and tradition through political, cultural and historical (we have already publishes our study aboutSanskrit), social, and community service events on campus. We also aim to provide opportunities for Diya members to meet and share a strong common collegiate experience.

Duke Ethiopian/Eritrean Student Transnational Association (DESTA)


The Duke Ethiopian/Eritrean Student Transnational Association (DESTA) provides a safe space where students can celebrate their culture through academic, social and service activities. DESTA seeks to cultivate an understanding of Ethiopian and Eritrean culture, history, arts, customs, food, language, literature, etc. DESTA organizes annual service-learning opportunities and outreach to students in the greater Durham area.

Duke Southeast Asian Students Association (ASEAN)

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Duke ASEAN is an organization aimed at promoting awareness of Southeast Asia and. and marshaling resources towards Southeast Asian studies at Duke University.

Duke Students with Interracial Legacies (Duke SWIRL)


The mission of Duke Swirl is to foster a community of students with multiracial, multiethnic or multicultural experiences. The group seeks to educate and empower students through narrative and academic engagement of these contexts. Any members of the Duke community from mixed background experiences are welcome.

Duke Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA)


TheTaiwanese American Students Association(TASA) is a student group at Duke University dedicated to building a tight-knit community for Taiwanese Americans and people interested in Taiwanese culture.

Duke Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)


Duke Taiwanese Student Association (DTSA) aims to provide students and scholars from Taiwan the necessary services, consultation and information to be successful at Duke. An equally important objective is to share Taiwanese culture with the broader community and to promote cross-cultural understanding.

Eastern European Association at Duke (EEDA)


EEAD aims to promote and expand Eastern European culture on campus and to raise awareness about the social, economic, political and cultural issues the region is facing. EEDA welcomes students from all backgrounds to join in the discovery of Eastern European culture, filled with wonderful traditions and interesting global perspectives.

Graduate Student Association of Iranians at Duke (GSAID)


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GSAID’s mission is to create an environment to conduct various social activities designed to strengthen the connections between Iranians, Iranian-Americans and the broader community.

International Association (IA)


Duke International Association works to create a social, cultural and academic environment at Duke that supports and sustains the needs of the international community. IA raises international awareness on campus through programming, career-related events and policy advocacy. IA hopes to bridge the gap between US American and international students on campus. IA is also committed to ease the transition and integration of new first year international students to Duke and the greater Durham community.

Japanese Culture Club (JCC)


The mission of JCC is to raise awareness about Japanese culture and to establish a community of students who are passionate about Japan. In addition, JCC collaborates with the Japanese Language Department and other Asian cultural groups to host various events.

Joint Youth Organization of Indians at Duke (JYOTI)


JYOTI aims to foster social exchange between all Indian graduate students, masters and PhD, visiting scholars and postdocs interested in Indian culture.

Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA)


KGSA hosts various cultural and social events such as Lunar New Year Feast, Chusok Feast, Korean BBQ, etc. to bring together people of diverse backgrounds to celebrate Korean culture.

Duke Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA)


Duke KUSA hosts various cultural and social events such as Lunar New Year Feast, Chusok Feast, Korean BBQ, etc. to bring together people of diverse backgrounds to celebrate Korean culture.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

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LASA aims to encourage social, cultural, academic and career relationships focused on LASO membership but also encompassing the entire Duke community. LASA hopes to build community among other Latin American Students at Duke.

Mi Gente


Participation in Mi Gente is one way to immerse yourself more fully in Latinx and Latin-American culture. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and persuasions to participate in our events. Whatever your background, you can learn more about and reap the benefits from everything Latinx culture has to offer.

Native American Student Alliance. (NASA)


As the primary Native American cultural organization on campus, NASA serves as a resource for all Native American students on campus through educational, cultural, social and academic support. We also work to advance the awareness of Native issues.

Singapore Student Association (SSA)


Duke Singapore Student Association serves several purposes at Duke. To provide a home away from home for Singaporean students and to promote Singaporean interests and culture at Duke.

Students of the Caribbean Association (SOCA)


Students of the Caribbean is a cultural, social, and political organization for students of Caribbean descent. Activities include social gatherings, co-sponsorship of the charity ball, fundraisers for political causes in the Caribbean, and an annual carnival that features Caribbean cooking, music, and dance.

Turkish Students Association (TSA)


The Duke Turkish Student Association aims to bring Turkish students together and provide them with a close-knit, friendly community.

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Guide on Globally Inclusive Programming

The International House and theGlobal Education Officehave createda guide onGlobally Inclusive Programming. This guideprovides suggestions for student groups to optimize their event for international Duke students at three stages:

  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Hosting

If you have any questions regarding the guide, please contact us atintlstudents@duke.edu(DukeInternational Student Center)orglobaled@duke.edu(Global Education Office).


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